Lost With Lyndsey…Finding Stuff

Menang CemePlease give a big warm DarkUFO welcome to our latest addition to the site. Lyndsey who has been a successful blogger in her own right has decided to start writing some articles for us over here at DarkUFO. She will write a LOST With Lyndsey column each week where she looks at key issues and discussions across the fandom, and she will also be giving joining our team of recappers due to J.Wood not having time this season to write.

So without further ado here is by her second “LOST With Lyndsey”. You can read her first one here on the homepage. We’ve had to post this article in the spoilers as it discusses the upcoming deaths.

LOST With Lyndsey…Finding Stuff Presents: Odds On Death

ΓÇ£You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.ΓÇ¥ Charles Bukowski

What I am about to share will make 50 percent of you despise me.
What I will disclose next, will do the same for the other half of you.
And for my grand finale, I’ll shall expose a third bit of information which is sure to make revelations one and two seem like trifling bits of rubbish in comparison and send you running full speed towards your ‘Escape’ key…

YouΓÇÖve been warned.

1. I donΓÇÖt like cats
2. Nor do I like dogs
3. Kids either

Ugh, I swore I wouldn’t ‘qualify’ this, but I fear that you may equate me with some version of the anti-Christ if I don’t, so here goes…

1. I honestly just do not dig cats
2. Dogs are super high-maintenance and necessitate constant consideration, for example: